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Do you fancy a really challenging game of Chess? 
Then try Jester… 

    This is an old variant of chess that is played on a board with 10 x 10 squares, with two extra pawns per player and two extra pieces per player called Jesters which sit between the Knights and the Bishops on each side.
    The game is played exactly the same as normal chess in every way but incorporating these extra pieces makes for a thought-provoking experience!
    Each Jester has an initial move the same as a Queen—any number of squares in any direction.  Subsequent moves are limited to one or two squares forwards, backwards or sideways.  The Jester cannot move diagonally after the first free move and cannot jump pieces.
    The only other difference between Jester and Chess is that in castling, the King is moved three squares instead of two.

The Pieces
The pieces have been specially made from boxwood and coated with lacquer.  They are classic staunton design, double-weighted with excellent detailing, baized bases and a really nice quality feel to them.
They are available in four options:

Burnt wood with black leather base (see picture)

The pieces come in a choice of either a black leather box or a quality hardwood box with black satin finish. We have only one red leather box left. Our burnt wood set comes in a beautiful natural teak box.
    The boards are very large, solid and lovely quality—more than 2 feet square, with three colour choices:

Mahogany (red brown)/Maple
Walnut (medium brown)/Maple
Wenge (dark brown)/Maple

The Board
The board is 65cm (25.5”) square with 5cm (2”) squares. 
The king is 95mm (3.75”) tall.

Price of board, set of Jester pieces and box: £152.50 Now Reduced to £130
Post, packing and insurance, next day delivery: £20.50
The full rules and layout of board are included.

If you can’t handle the idea of more complex chess then this set would still make a beautiful boxed chess set for the normal game—with four spare pawns and four spare neutral pieces that could be used either for queening pawns, or replacing pieces if lost.

Pieces alone:
Cost of boxed set of pieces alone: £97.50 Now Reduced to £75
Post, packing and insurance, next day delivery: £12.50

Board alone:
The board could also be used for International draughts, a game played on 100 square board.
Cost of board alone: £49.50
Post, packing and insurance, next day delivery: £18.00 shapeimage_4_link_0
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